Happy (Healthy) Holidays!

The holidays are once again upon us and you might be wondering how you can maintain a healthy diet during the season. But first, do you know that the average person gains about 1lbs. to 2 lbs. during the holidays? So don’t fret when you may have gained a pound or two just like everyone else. What matters most is that we do not forget what our bodies need and what we should avoid in order to keep it strong and healthy. 

So don’t worry! No need to resist all the ”temptation.” Just follow these tips so that you can enjoy the celebrations of what this season is truly about.


  • Never arrive at the party hungry.

Do not skip meals throughout the day to save your appetite for the party. This will lead you to overeat during the party which will also slow down your metabolism.

  • Moderation is key.

No need to stay away from certain foods. Just eat in moderate or smaller portions. You can also skip out on the usual party foods for “special” dishes which you do not regularly consume on a daily basis.

  • Buffet Away!

Or just stay far away from the buffet table or the kitchen so that you will not be drawn to add more to your plate before you finish your first servings.

  • Use a smaller plate.

This is also to help with moderating what you put on it. Do not also stack your food.

  • Drink moderately.

Alcoholic and mixed beverages also contain calories and carbohydrates, and also decrease your awareness of how much you have been eating. You can go for light beer or dry or semi-dry wines. 

  • Give yourself a break.

Wait for at least 20 minutes before refilling your plate as it takes the brain that long to signal the stomach if it already had enough. This will also give you time to socialize and celebrate with your fellow attendees.  


Now that you know all these tips, don't forget what is most important of all—to celebrate this season to the fullest with those we love. So choose wellness. Choose Century Tuna

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