Expertise in canning fish across

four decades of excellence.

Compared to other canned tunas, our carefully flaked, packed-fresh tuna offers visibly larger tuna flakes. It's the secret behind our superior flavor, texture, and freshness.

About Century Tuna

Your No-Guilt Delight

Packed with natural Omega 3 DHA, high in protein, low in cholesterol, and with zero preservatives, you can feel good about this nutrient-rich tuna.

For How To Eat Today

Let your next artisanal endeavor - whether it's protein-packed fish tacos or tina with dill on toast - include wild-caught tuna from the tropical waters around the 7,000 beautiful Philippine islands.

Trusted For Decades

We know tuna, and it shows. Living responsibly and sustainably is important to us, too. Not only do we practice responsivle fishing, but we also support the livehood of more than 5,000 Filipino families.

Planet Preservation

We commit to the efficient use, reuse, and restoring of agriculture and fisheries resources, as well as better management of our environmental impacts by decreasing our water and energy consumption, lessening our greenhouse gas emissions, and actively monitoring our waste generation as we continue to grow our business and serve Filipinos.

Project SOS

Century Tuna wants to provide an avenue where everybody can take part in saving our seas. We aim to spread awareness on marine plastic pollution and create a community of volunteers with the advocacy of becoming champions for cleaner beach destinations in the Philippines, starting with Anilao Batangas

Kain Po Foundation

The Kain Po Foundation was created by Century Pacific founder, Ricardo S. Po, Sr. in 2010. “Kain po” translates to “Let’s eat, please” which Filipinos would often say to invite others to eat together. The foundation’s goal is to address the prevalent hunger and malnourishment among low-income populations especially among children.

Kain Po, in partnership with the Department of Education, launched the “Adopt-a-School” program in 2012 with the focus on directly engaging with schools—particularly in far-flung and impoverished areas—by providing healthy and nutritious meals for students.

As of today, the Kain Po Foundation—in partnership with the government and non-profit organizations—have provided a total of 45 million protein servings to more than 300 thousand beneficiaries in the Philippines.

Our History

Mr. Tuna


Ricardo Po Sr. or “Mr. Tuna” grew his tuna export business into a world-class tuna supplier from the Philippines.

Start of Century Tuna


A new, healthy, high-quality, and flavorful canned tuna product named, “Century Tuna” was introduced, which became the best-selling tuna brand in the Philippine market to this day.

Superbods Lifestyle


“Century Tuna Superbods” was launched. The competition celebrates and advocates the Century Tuna lifestyle which involves exercise and a healthy low-cholesterol diet with Omega-3.

Superbods Ageless


Century Tuna Superbods introduces a new category on its search for the fittest man and woman in the country, the AGELESS category! Being fit and sexy can be achieved regardless of age and getting a superbod is a continuous process of wellness and physical fitness.

New Makeover


Century Tuna labels were given a makeover which includes suggested recipes so that “Everybod can be a Superbod.”

Yellowfin Tuna


The launch of the new Yellowfin Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil flavor, and special flavors that are exclusively available online.

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Are you a seafood fan and want to know the best brand for tuna? Century Tuna will surely ring some bells. This leading canned tuna brand has it all - flavors, spice and the perfect tuna texture. What are you waiting for? Buy now at Amazon!
Century Tuna is the leading canned tuna brand in the Philippines. It is your classic all-time, healthy meat. A delicious indulgence.
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